When In doubt

Having doubt is the emotion of fear and failure. We all struggle with it on a daily basis. The unknown of the outcome is the worry that we have, or are we just not worthy of the cause. The obstacles of life: always puts us a situation that throws   us into heavy thought; can I do this? Or am I just a not worthy of the position. We try our best, but always find ourselves lost because we continue hitting a wall. Then something shows up and we find a loop whole and jump throw it, and start to produce and do well with the problem that had baffled us. For instance I was struggling with math and felt it was a waste of money and time. Algebra is always intimidating and scary for older guys like me, especially when my last real time in school was 1976, and that was the 8th grade. I did take it my first semester and struggled, but I passed. It was more of an entry level so I was able to do it. Anyway I had 7 modules to do on the computer for homework and was afraid to attack it thinking I wasn’t good enough to figure it out. When I got home from work I decided to do it and again defeat was more in me than triumph. I asked my son who was visiting to help me; he started showing me slowly and did one module with me. He left and I started working with it well last night.  I almost finished the whole thing and will be finish by tonight without any worry. I decided to get humble and ask for help as I was advised by a good friend. Goals need help outside help because they aren’t easy. The attitude of” I will fight till I win “is the only attitude I have. Like the story of the 2 frogs that jumped into a pail of milk one drowned and the other kept swimming until he churned the milk into butter than was free. Life is rough. The universe will not give us what we cannot accomplish, we must be open minded in order to win our battles.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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