Honesty with oneself

The end of another week, how did it go? If you are alive and well you must say great! No matter what heath is always no1 on the list, love and compassion is next if you didn’t receive any well  It must have been rough. For those who didn’t hear it!  “I love you” it’s not that hard it just takes practice. However we must get rid of our daily negative routine, like fear, envy, despair, hate, worry, dishonesty, and skepticism. Skepticism is one attitude that usually keeps us away from God trying to talk to us. We all have to question everything; however we all have this inner feeling that allows us to listen and trust in what message is coming to us. I have grown on that for the last 21 years. I have yet not fallen into the abyss from it. The world is pretty rough we need to do so many things in order to be comfortable, we have to go to school, work, pay more bills than the money we get (sometimes) than take it all home and continue with it leaving intimacy and family life for last. It becomes a race to a success that makes us more miserable than happy. The kids raise themselves, husbands, and wives forget how it was in the beginning and the rest is total oblivion. We are now in the “I forgot zone” This is the problem our success become our love, our ego to say I have this, becomes our life and we become boring. What is the answer? I have no idea. Start over is all I can say and find out if you’re happy with your current situation. Most of the times we will see what is keeping us from happiness; but we must act because if you don’t your golden years will become your darken years. “How bad is life when faking it to make it becomes your success” sad is it: but, “how dark is your life when the sun you see is not the one you want.” Honesty is calling1 for your lies will become your demons and you will fall in a bottomless pit of despair” seek the truth of yourself and all will fall into place. The universe has a diagram of you and you are the architect.

Have a nice day. :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap That Doesn’t clean” will be out soon

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