Taking it back

Life has a way of given us amnesia of how we use to be and what made us happy. I am an assistant manager at my job. I supervise about 8-11- employees we have a big job to do, but I always bring amusement to it. I started working there in January 2012. I have gotten a bonus and the respect of my associates, and I’m in training to be a Manager. Not once since I have been there; I treated anyone the way I wouldn’t want to be treated. When I am awarded my new store the staff told me they want to go with me. How good it feels when you are liked by people some of us don’t care but inside we all care about how we are accepted in society. Even the trainers of the company laugh and have fun when I’m with them. What I have done is taken it back to being  a kid not being a fool, but remembering how much fun it was to laugh and still get things done. In March of this year my store broke a record by making  62,000 dollars in sales. I was a big part of that for the customers like me to. Good karma is the reason the store is doing so great and that is what I bring.  My experience of the past was to scream at the workers and force them to produce. When I had my restaurant  I was always worried and eventually that had a lot to do with my failures. My attitude today is taken it back to being a child. Having fun and smiling is what’s important that is why I have black hair on my head and not a dash of grey. I feel today like I’m 20 years old not 51. I could run do it all, my mind has gone backwards for the best and I could honestly say that I am happy today.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

The book “soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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