struggle leads to humility

There once was a man who was always struggling. He didn’t know why he struggled so much for he did all the things he needed to do, but it never worked. He prayed to God “why doesn’t anything work for me”? “Why is my life in turmoil and I can’t shake it”? God tells him; “son you have to figure that out yourself a successful person will fight through his battles and if I tell you your problem your struggles will be a waste of your time.” The man was baffled as for he thought God would answer him. He started to feel like he was all alone and it was just a matter of time; his fate was clear nothing will work obstacles would be his dilemma. One morning a friend decided to take him out for breakfast and asked him have you given your life to God? “He said yes I have “. They talked for an hour, but the man noticed something in his life that he wasn’t doing. Something that helped him before, but since he was well, he felt he didn’t need to attend anymore. He started attending and helping people. He then enrolled into college and started getting his mind going. In his 2nd semester he started doing what he always wanted to do: tell the world how he has beaten the obstacles of life one by one. Thanks to the special people he met in school that guided him, he is happy and enjoying his life. God tells him from time to time to keep going and never look back; though God works through people having humility is the key to hearing God. God to me is work. If you want success you must break the code that is planted in you. We must all take time into looking at every scenario as a message from God, no matter who is given it.

Have a nice day:0)

Tyrone Garcia

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