addicted to a attitude.

Addiction what is it? A weakness of the mind or an inner feeling that overpowers you when combating it. The decisions you make are usually wrong and lead you into trouble. We do it over and over until we either die or try to change. It took me over 18 years of my life in order to stop it, only because I loved doing it so much. I was brought up around it and as a child saw people doing it I felt as it was alright. Growing up Puerto Rican in the late 60s 70s in the boogie down Bronx, It was pretty rough; you had to deal with a lot of racism along with living in the ghetto. The views were not so good and street gangs controlled the neighborhoods. The religion we learned was of a punishing God that would punish you for all the bad you did; I guess since I did so much bad I continued. My bad God sentence would be hate, gangs, and addiction. Feeling inferior as society told me I was: I welcomed the idea of granting their wish and being a menace to society. The ghetto is not a neighborhood, its anger and mental enslavement. To be something you’re not, to justify your addictions and not care about your life or goals. To consider youself a loser before even trying, how many masterminds died in the hood because society told them they were nothing but trash and shouldn’t even be allowed to live amongst decent people? Our bad judgment of people is more racial than logic. I also understand that within the centuries many other groups of people have been treated poorly. However I could only speak of myself as we all learn in life from each other. Today I try to submit to all people and be as friendly as I can looking at everybody as Light not color. We all have something unique within ourselves and we need to learn from each other, not hate each other. We would have lost WW2 if not for German scientist defecting over to the United States. Success comes when all are involved.

Have a nice day: 0)

Tyrone Garcia 


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