The envious lady.

There once was a woman who lived in a poor home. She was always looking out the window waiting to see if something happen so she could tell everyone. They called her the 6oclock news. She never had anything good to say about anyone even when someone left the old neighborhood to go live in a better one her attitude was negative. She had nothing but envy towards the blessings of others. She once asked someone, why was her life so full off negativity?   They answered “You are what you think, and what you put out, is what you get in return.” She didn’t understand as she was very closed minded. One day her neighbor bought a new car.  She was very jealous and started talking bad about her neighbor. She said that her neighbor is a criminal and that is how they found the money to buy that nice car; meanwhile the neighbor had just won 100.000 dollars in the lottery and decided to buy herself a new car and move out the old neighborhood. The envious lady was furious for you could see it in her face the jealousy she had thus her anger made it even worse. She had no friends no one liked her. One day she had a mild stroke that landed her in the hospital. As she was recovering from her stroke, I man decided to visit her from the old neighborhood. He asked her; why do have so much envy and negativity? “She says” when I was very young my parents were poor. I never had much and we cleaned people’s houses. I use to go with them and I saw how other kids had nice things. I would miss school in order to help them. I eventually dropped out and saw a lot of my friends go to High School than college and grow. I always had to hang around and help the family. I felt as I was a loser in life and when others talked I didn’t understand. The only thing I understood was hate, but inside I’m hurt that my parents kept me locked up in a world of never-ending poverty and my goals are to just survive. That night the envious lady had a dream: her life was reversed and she was happy. She woke up but tried to go back to sleep, because she wanted to continue with the dream; she was dreaming about going to school, and being married, having children, and living in a decent home and neighborhood. The next day the man showed up again and said “you look different today what happen?” “She says” I saw my future in a dream, but I wanted to stay in my dream, the man tells her; “then live your lives as you are still dreaming.” The lady did, and all of her wishes became a reality. She only focused on what she wanted not what others were doing.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

My book “Soap that doesn’t clean” will be out soon.

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