The sunset

How nice is the view of the sunset when one is out to sea. I remember when I started working as a Merchant Marine. I flew to Alicante Spain where I would be assigned to The Sirius. I had left New York with lots of problems. My drinking was out of control as I had developed an addictive behavior that controlled me. When the ship left port; I felt as I left the world and my journey would start new. The sunset was spectacular as I saw the real beauty in life; something I needed; as I tried to outrun  the shadows of hate, and a malady way beyond my on control. Unfortunately the drinking would continue throughout my time, but I did get closer to the sunset that allowed me to believe in hope and freedom from my addictions. Will I feel despair?  or will I feel triumph? Only the inner self could make that decision as I continue to pour alcohol down into my body. The mind is deceiving when fighting the impulse of your addictions. An awakening of some kind is required if you expect to beat this dreadful problem you are having. I was told; a spiritual experience was needed. Will I dare to try? I did! The sunset was out and always in me; the sunset in me is as beautiful as the actual one I see in the evening.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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