Demand respect

Thank God is Friday!! For some of us it’s the weekend. For the rest; is just another day as we have to work the weekend? I remember when I was a child not many jobs required the weekend unless it was retail and restaurants. Most were at least closed on Sundays. So you had some quality time at home. Saturday nights were the Ed Sullivan show along with Chiller Theater. My dad would make sandwiches and cake and we would sit and enjoy the evening the whole family. As we got older one would be missing as the streets were more important. My parents didn’t have the money to take us on vacations or go to restaurants; our vacations were bus rides to upstate New York. The entire neighborhood was going together. We enjoyed those days so much that we couldn’t wait for Saturday morning .How little was so big for us back in the late 60s and early 70s.Today you go to Disney world and you see children upset with faces complaining that they are tired of going there, ungrateful for times we could only dream off. As for today we have better jobs and more money than our dads. Though my dad was a factory worker he was never broke. Always had money and never needed any help from family members. I’m talking about the Puerto Ricans that came in the 50s with no English no education just there will to work and grow. We had restaurants, bodegas, Supermarkets, and a candidate for Mayor in Herman Badillo, and a Puerto Rican day parade on Fifth Avenue. We were electric. What happen? When they talk about Latinos today the word Puerto Rican isn’t even in the sentence. Have we become so American we lost our swagger? We are scattered around the United States and the only thing we do is sit around the table talking about how bad Puerto Rico is with Bob, putting down our country when we should be doing something about it! Only Governments destroy countries not people. I’m am so sick and tired of hearing the negativity about Puerto Rico stop kissing your neighbors behind and demand respect, Because it was the Americanized Puerto Ricans that destroyed Puerto Rico not the ones that came here in the 50s.

have a nice day

Tyrone Garcia

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