Being Grateful

Why must people wait to lose something; before they realize what they had? It puzzles me when people are so ungrateful for the blessings they have at the moment, but still dwell on what others have. Envy is what you call it! The emotion of being jealous, Meanwhile you have things yourself that should make you happy. People focus so much on the material things, but forget about talent. When I got sober and changed my life I was happy that I could go a day without drinking and exploring life on life terms. I was married and was happier I had a family, never even thinking about money or the material. Within 2 years I had my first house. My dream of having a family and a home had come true so I got even happier. I was given a raise and a promotion on my job. I was visiting countries for free because of my job. I was focus and abundance was around me and I never even asked for it. By the time I was 43 years old,  I and my wife had a net worth of 450.000 dollars with real-estate and in business; I was doing pretty good, I started with nothing just happiness. As the money started rolling in so did the big toys, big house a couple of cars expensive vacations, Etc. My energy of happiness turned into an energy of trying to keep everything and praising the material, something I inherited by just being grateful for what I had, along with happiness, never asking, just allowing it to come. Little by little I started to lose it all, and eventually I did. I was going backwards. Not forward; my ambition was totally wrong. I have started again and this time I will just be happy.

Have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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