Fees Kills

I believe one of our biggest problems in America or wherever they do it is fees. You struggle to pay so they add more to what you have. There saying “maybe they will pay on time in the future”. Do any of these people read how bad the economy is doing? How the American people are suppose to fight they way out of debt, if creditors and landlords etc continue adding debt to debt that is already hard to pay. I’m not saying; not to have a penalty, but some of these companies give you 3-5 days or some 1 day before they start attacking you with fees. I remember in the past you had at least 10-15 days before any fees were added. When I was in my last run of my business the fees doomed me more than  anything else including those overdraft fees on Debit card purchases whenever a check processed. They will pay the check and overdraw the Debit cards, which cost you 35 dollars each. They got away with that for a long time, they don’t today.  Of course we should learn how to balance our check book, but here is the problem: prices continue to go up and salaries go down. Both parents have to work full time maybe even a 2nd job in order to survive, meanwhile the children are raising themselves.They have to pay for child care and other bills, Where are we going with this? What will be the ending? The cable companies have become super greedy with their prices, they give a trillion channels and all you do is play with the remote because there is nothing interesting to watch. Gas is another killer its up and down and never stays neutral, one week you at $3.15 a gallon the next you are $3.75. Sometimes I feel we are just being played by these companies because of our addiction towards these services. When I was in Europe throughout the late 80s and 90s I saw executives riding mopeds to work almost every car was small and trucks also. They were very conservative when spending. I guess free health care was also a boost to them as for they didn’t need to spend there. Here is the killer “medical bills” you pay for health insurance, but could still get a 500.00 bill for a test given to you. I call that the colonoscopy of bills they stick it to you every time they can. I sold cars for awhile and most people credit is destroyed over medical bills, so if you need a loan in order to pay it you get denied or you get a hi-interest loan because your beacon score is too low. The only way to swing an economy is to first stop adding debt to debt. When I had a commercial property in Puerto Rico and my renters were late I never charged them a late fee. I just wanted my rent. I mean it could go 15 to 20 days late. I would always give them the cushion; hopefully we all come to our senses and make the right decisions, but it must be done as a whole. Greed is bad when everybody is struggling, we are only hurting ourselves. We need to approach life the way we do when we get hit with a major storm and all is destroyed, we altogether try to rebuild and do it in harmony. At this time the hurricane we need to concentrate on is recovery from the 2008 housing problems. the winds have slowed, but  we are still receiving a strong breeze.

have a nice day :0)

Tyrone Garcia

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