The holy trinity of success

Why is it that people love taking off other people’s fires? When someone is rolling with their dreams and hope here comes a realist to destroy the day. “Oh that is impossible you need to have this and that!”. Well Jennifer Lopez was a fly girl dancer in living color, look at her now. Where are the other fly girls? To me all you need is Dream, Imagine, and Believe, The holy trinity of success. A matter of fact Jennifer Lopez was a runner up: when the girl who beat her got sick and couldn’t perform, Jennifer Lopez was called up. That is what you call destiny,not luck. No one could take it away. My fire is still on, its stories like that which motivates me to close my ears to pessimistic remarks. I thank God for the person who motivates me and tells me to “keep on going”. I will stay faithful to that quote!!

Have a good evening.

Tyrone Garcia

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