The will to succeed.

Monday, the beginning of the week, what lies ahead? For those who are dreaming off winning the lottery there is three hundred  million dollars  on Powerball for  Wednesday . I never understood why it goes so long without a winner every now and then. I feel like they are just making a financial killing on the people’s hope. “Hey I’m not a saint” I play it also,I have fantasies of what I would do with the money. Is it just a good dream tool to allow yourself to forget about your daily financial problems? I believe it is. Whenever you could just think of the things you want and go into a strong meditation it’s a possibility you can get it. I remember in the year 2008 when I was struggling with my business. I was given a New Years raffle lotto ticket by a very good friend her name was Sheila. The winning prize was one million dollars,” wow” that would have solved everything. Me being the believer I am,  I started believing I was going to win and keep my business and pay off the dept. I was already thinking of a victory party for all my customers and friends. I went through the Christmas holidays feeling happy and without any worries. My attitude was only positive and I felt that I would win the battle. New Years day arrived and after 2:00 p.m.  I checked my tickets. I was expecting to see the winning numbers; it was just a formality to check the numbers, as I felt I already won. Well-I didn’t win and I felt a little down. However I remembered how good I felt when I was confident that good things were coming. I eventually sold the business and recovered some money. However it is what happens in 2012 what changes my life. In my 2nd semester of college I learned about the  talents that I have and that I wasn’t aware of. I am doing it right now.  Professor G. Eldredge who I had the privilege of learning from,  directed  me in the direction I’m going, along with several other professors at Tidewater community College.  It will bring me more happiness and prosperity than the business could have ever given me. I’m glad I was forced to sell. The college semesters of 2011-2012 would have never had happen. I can’t wait for my third semester coming up in two  weeks.The lottery couldn’t change my life. My will to succeed did. I will die trying! And the words “I give up” will never be part of my vocabulary. I will swim towards paradise and there I will receive my reward!

“The real power is Education not Money,Money vanishes Education is for life”.

Have a nice day

Tyrone Garcia

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