Thou shall not laugh!

Sunday ah yes! The day of the Lord, today we worship who?  Our clothes, God, Jesus, Church, the buffet, who? I wonder… Unfortunately I have to work today. I will carry my thoughts about God with me today and do my best to learn something. Here I have something “Thou shall be happy with thou life”.   When I was young going to church I enjoyed it a lot. I was an altar boy so I had to go and serve mass. We would make faces at each other so we could make someone laugh. There was also a girl who would follow me and my friend Ruben because we were the funniest of all the altar boys; she would laugh along with us. One day this lady told us that we were wrong for laughing in God’s house.  Me being a wise guy I said, “I thought we were in a Church”?  Doesn’t God live in the sky over the clouds?   She says “No” He is here with us. I said- How about all the other churches?  How can He be in all of them at the same time? She says- God is everywhere, He could be anywhere at any time! That still didn’t answer my question. So I told her -Don’t God like to see us happy? She says- yes but he doesn’t like people making fun of his church. I said – I’m just trying to make my friend laugh in no way I’m trying to disrespect God. She says -God will punish you and you will not be happy when he disciplines you with his wrath. I said-Well, ok I guess we will be more serious,  we won’t laugh anymore. A couple of weeks later the girl didn’t show up anymore, Ruben quit, which left me alone with the lady and the rest of the people. The lady comes to me and said what happen to your two friends? I said -They went to look for a happy God and not a mean one, plus this is my last mass also. Enjoy  your serious life,  we prefer to be happy.

have a nice day 

Tyrone Garcia

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