wake up and smell the bread

I hate these monster supermarkets with bakeries that kill small business, and portray themselves to be better: all they do is sell old food. How can you have a million dollar bakery and the bread is cold and old. They look at you and charge 1.99 and put a date on it saying it’s good till tomorrow. Meanwhile the small guy who sweats all morning trying to provide the customer with freshly baked goodies is struggling why? Because today people buy ambiance not food, If I take 2 million dollars and put together a state of the art bakery along with my supermarket which is a totally different business. I could grab almost everybody in town and empty out the small business putting him/her into bankruptcy, making them an employee trying to survive. The local economy also struggles, because that local business man spends money in town along with his family. I guarantee the owner of the 2 million dollar luxury bakery will not be seen nowhere in your area. What does he pays his employees? 7.25- 8.00 dollars an hour, “boy what a job” I really see the light hopefully between 2 families they could pay the rent. More and more people are shacking up because salaries really suck. You think these monster stores are helping our economy? no: all they do is weaken us. We have become enslaved in our own country: which was supposed to be the land of opportunity. Whose fault is it? You the people, Every time you decide to pass up a mom and pop business to go for the ambiance you weaken your local economy. Guess what Mr. Luxury car salesman sales on cars are low remember that when you stop going to Joes bar and grill and decide to give your money to: well you know pick a chain restaurant. I’m not saying to boycott your favorite place; however you should at least several times a month support your local business man. The day will come when only the super-rich will be able to own a business if we don’t act now. Maybe one day we are swimming over the Rio Grande trying to find a life in Mexico or another country. The land is filling with greed and ignorance and only those with an open mind will survive.

Have a nice day

Tyrone Garcia

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