Life on the run

Life goes so quick that you cant remember how it went by so fast. The other day I was 20 now I,m 59 and all i can do is sit back and try to tell time to slow down. It starts when your young and controlled by parents, you tell them” i cant wait to be grown so i can do what i want”. So your rush life till you 18, then if you like me your already getting high so you go hang in the street all night having fun with your friends. You do things immoral and against everything your parents taught you not to do. Then you start working and your rushing every week to see payday because your blowing your money on the weekend and borrowing to get by. then all of sudden you become a parent yourself by mistake and you haven’t even learn how to take care of yourself. So now the fun is gone and your trying to catch up to last week and behind on everything. Your life has become unmanageable. Your in a world of shit and you know it. Now starts the rehabs, problems and life is not as great as your thought it would be. The years start to fly because your making plan after plan and you lose control and you just cant get that same feeling you got when you started your journey on your side of the fence. If your lucky like I you get it together but know your trying to make up for the past and you make mistakes and your decisions are so fast your brain cant even think to find the logic on what your doing…on and on it goes and eventually you stop take a breath and start looking at yourself not the world. You ask God for guidance and what didn’t work before starts to work better. but you still lost many years fighting the currents of the river.

Life should be lived slowly and enjoyed one day at a time. every day should be enjoyed !   stop, pause, and allow the spirit to guide you and be happy that your alive and well for God will reward you with all the gifts you want if only you stop and think for today not tomorrow.

Tyrone Garcia.

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