Time to look at our own Demons

Social media is taking us into a new learning pattern stupidity. We are failing to think for ourselves and we are allowing to trust everything we read.. The media has done a great job putting fear into our lives and we are being taking as fools. Our country has become a place were our leaders are acting like children. we blame racial problems on almost every social problem we have and we are not seeing the real picture. The problem is us!! We have stopped growing on our morals and have allowed our demons to make our decisions. How many humans sit down once in a while and analyze themselves?   not many! for we have become a nation of justified angry people and money hungry self seekers.. Republicans and Democrats should just start another civil war . The job of the politicians is to find a common solution to our social problems and to protect us form outsiders who want to hurt our way of life. but can we depend on the leadership when its bargaining for their own self seeking ideas.  Republicans believe in small government and Democrats believe in big government, we need both.. there should be a common balance  between them. People are using the race card to define them which is stupid. Some Blacks and Latinos think republicans are for whites only and that not true.. I voted Republican several times and I voted Democrat also. I make my decisions based on what best for the country not my race..I have always took a look at my character.. when I see myself  making bad decisions I take ownership and change. We all should  take our own inventory and change ourselves for the best …There is the true way of life.    We are all the same we work hard and our expectations of ourselves should always be high. I pray and hope that the we can change and people can be treated the way they would like to be treated…

Tyrone Garcia


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