The other day I was walking into the store for I needed a product the other store ran out off and I bumped into a man I use to help at the church sobriety meetings I use to run. He said ” hi you doing ” I said great” . He then told me how he has maintained his sobriety since the meetings. I said ” that’s awesome”!! He than said I know myself today! thank you. I than told him that the greatest message of Jesus new testament was to do a 4th step! Which is to take inventory of yourself drop the bad character and grow on the good ones. We than shook hands and went our separate ways… I felt good for I was able to pass the message to a man who didn’t know that taking self appraisal of oneself is the touchtone to spiritual and personal success! You don’t need to have had addicted problems in the past to use a 12 step program. We all need to change and better ourselves for our character plays a role in everything we do, jobs, marriage, life, Etc.. Everyday we should awaken asking our creator to cut off another bad character from inner arsenal so we can grow to be happy, joyous, and free… TG

What’s does putting God first mean? Is it going to fellowship functions , church’s consistently everyday or every Sunday and doing their services? Or is it doing what your heart tells you to do? I’ve been involved in several spiritual groups in my 26 years of sobriety and you can hear a million things about how to put God First … for me is this simple !! Everyday I wake up I ask God to help me stay sober!! For without sobriety and can’t do anything! I work and take care of my family and make sure their safe.. I try to help people on a daily basis and pass the message that has been past to me… How we live and how we maintain a good honest humble character is how I serve God.. I read the Bible and I go to church not consistently ,but I do go .my sobriety and happiness has not come from fellowships, or churches !! My sobriety and happiness comes from my faith in God and maintaining my character in check by taking constant inventory on myself.. My unconditional love for my family, friends , and even strangers is the code of a person close to God.. And last but not least ! The world will teach you about yourself !! The things we experience will give us knowledge of what God is tying to teach us .. an addition it will give us structure and a plan to follow ! For only you know what God’s plan is for you !! Nobody else knows God Bless TG