The journey

AS the years fly and I grow I see that life is what you make of it. We make decisions after decision and always find that we could of done better, however we do learn as we go for life is the teacher and we are the student. Its not an omen its a journey. For our journeys will bring us the knowledge we need to move to the next chapter. When I was a young kid my first encounter with mix emotions was the 1st grade. My teacher which was a nun would hit me across my face whenever she did not like my answer. we are talking about private school in the 60s. when corporal punishment was part of disciplining a child. One day she sat me in a garbage pail in front of the class an act that would traumatize me till today. Defense is my biggest issue today for even when I’m being corrected in a positive way I get defensive. A great percentage of emotional problems are brought on by the people you come in contact with on a daily basis. the defense we should have always is the knowledge to know when your surroundings are unhealthy for your soul. We should with no pause pull away from this ugly circle of demons.. Prayer, mediation, and dialogue with someone will always help. Our lives are special and we all have a journey some will be fun some will be hard, but at the end we learn and grow untill our journey is over.

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