A wind of fire

Thursday was my first experience with California fires .. I remember looking at the fires in la and Ventura California how bad it was getting over there ,and I said oh my God ! That looks like hell..

but as the winds blew hard a fire started in Bonsil town close to where I live and the evacuations was on. As I talked with my wife over the phone about what was happening I quickly left work and by her directions , because I was closer I got the kids .. People were swarming into the schools to get their children thinking that the hell fires that was going on in LA or Ventura was coming to us in San Diego north county .. it did ! And many houses were lost . We went home to get some things and escaped to stay with family in a more secured area…thanks Juanita and Manuel !! it was a pretty scary situation because the worry now was will our apt complex burn down like some others areas structures did? I was lucky and our area was kept safe from the flames and we are back home now thanking God that our home was still there , but our prayers go out for those who lost their homes.. .. for it was still a tragedy for many. For me it was just in experience …For i lost nothing but a little stress!


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