Trump is nuts 

One of the reasons many Europeansfled Europe was to flee dictatorship of Kings doing what they wanted .. People had no rights They came to America and build a better home and way of life to live.

They fought against any form of European government in order to be free to run a True democracy … Donald Trump statement asking owners to fire players who sit during the national anthem is an attack on the blood many Americans shed in wars to preserve democracy ..even when we don’t like it.. we must still honor it!! 

It’s very hard because we are suppose to respect the flag … unfortunately history for educated people that know we have a history !! shows that the anthem was made during slavery .. A time that was bad for people of color and allowed some form of dictatorship .. towards some Americans !!


It was those undisciplined peace officers who used their power in a corrupt way ,that took away the rights of the people they shot and killed that started all this mess.. The people playing the race card .. I sometimes believe America just love being in the dark 500 years later we are still on fighting the separation of the people because of color, belief, gender, eTc 

Mr President you are out of order .. 

you are in the wrong country .. as long as the law isn’t broken people have the right to protest the status quo….

Tyrone Garcia

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