Growth in the heart 

The insanity of the past leaves us in fear of the future! For many things did not work before .. Today for some of us the world has hope for we have allowed Christ to help us through with our short comings.We live daily by looking at ourselves and allowing spiritual growth to be our successor.. we build a spiritual wall of defense in order to do battle with what we may call our character defects.. I call that the famous 6th sense the inner feeling of a wrong doing in thought. Our lives must be all about character assassination and the build up of faith in God for he can bring us into the new frontier of life… God bless us all for we are surrounded by evil ! More the ones who practice faith in their creator than the fallen ones who are now enslaved by evil… Our life should be run like a bussiness .. we should always change the bad inventory for good inventory so our spirits can stay cleansed always… 

may the lord bless u all 


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