Confused America 

This is how confused America is everybody is pointing fingers on who belongs the most funniest one is Latinos why are people saying get these Latinos out of here …!!! if they really are educated enough to understand that Latin people and countries are really France Spain Italy Portugal Romania etc south north and Central America is indigenous people Indians… Last I heard those Latin people are white people !! mixed also with a little North African …I mean really America !! who is really white who is really black ,who is really Brown ,who is really who ?? We are like a food chain confused of who we really are an addition to competing against each other … maybe we can actually be the most powerful country in the world when we get our heads out of our behind’s and understand that we are all diverse !! there’s no pure race we are the same unfortunately.. America has become so stupid and uneducated that they don’t want to believe what’s the truth.. am i Puerto Rican or am I European African ?Indian, who knows and who cares!!! .. i know one thing that as long as I love all the people of the world I will always be part of Gods kingdom …. the great thing is I traveled the world once even to the holy land of Israel and to me people are all the same ..TG  


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