happy new year 

Happy new year to all Starting the new year has its ups and downs. 

For some of us we have to crawl out of the basement and start all over and some ! well, their doing fine and just have to maintain what they have…2015 flor me was an awesome year. I picked up and moved to A new world to be with my new love and wife jessica Garcia. I can say that for me it was the greatest move I ever made and I feel nothing but gratitude, happiness ,with her and her children. I do miss my children in Va but will see them soon. California has really been a new experience for me its beautiful and the mountain sights while driving through them are breathtaking … 2016 is here and I already feel a great year ahead for us and the children I see nothing but prosperity and lots of fun time together God I’m happy today thank you… 

Tyrone Garcia 

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