happy holidays 

The days to the new year are close We are coming to another end of a yearly journey in our lives. For me I asked for several Miracles this year dating back to the beginning of 2015 at midnight..I’m still waiting for one more , will I get it? Maybe I will for the others have been answers, but the most important thing of life is to love and be loved and nothing is more better than that.. The teachings of life can be rough it’s easy to run away and not deal with them but here is the problem!! No one can enter there dream life without walking through the dark paths that lead us to the salvation of spirit.. And when I say dark I mean the struggles we face as humans in this world of discontent and greed.,, for we can Be blind to the truth!! For the real miracle of life is to love and accept yourself first and than everything around you just shines….

Happy holidays 

Tyrone Garcia 

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