The change 

Good evening FB

friends and family Yesterday the church had a little show. It was about 4 demons controlling a young women, they had her turning in a frenzy of pain and turmoil.. Than Jesus comes and saves the day as he comes in and Knocks away the four demons. That was such a true play that I can concur with the Churches example of how we can struggle in daily life… 

The problem is that Jesus can only take away the demons if you’re ready to let them go. We all know what’s stopping us from being happy and it’s our own hard headed selves giving energy to the evil within us! Everyday is a day when we have to let go of the past and present problems of life by taking inventory off ourselves and doing something to change …every problem has a solution all we need is to take action and remove it… I feel blessed today and God bless you all 

Tyrone Garcia 

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