Fallbrook shines 

Once apon a time there lived a family who was struggling to find a home if their own. They lived in a small cottage owned by a a family member who allowed them to live there. Everyday the small family along with two more who came to live with them from the wicked witch off Temecula… They all tried to live in the tiny little cottage . But would have a rough time finding comfort.. The landlord would constantly remind them she was in charge leaving the humble family quiet and depressed. The children and mother would laugh and have good times thanks to the crazy guy from the east who came to live with them. The crazy guy from the east called Tyfuss would always claim unrealistic goals that the lady of the cottage Jesfuss would look as something that just was not true.. Little mikalus and miguss was always listening to Tyfuss and loved his stories…One day Tyfuss found a job in the village and become head man in a small store ..He came up with a plan that changed not only the store, but the who whole entire village he was later given the key to the village and brought his family a new home that would become theirs.. They all became very happy and Tyfuss and Jesfuss had a big celebration of their union together and the village people all attended.. and they all lived happily ever after….

A true story..
By Tyrone Garcia 

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