My love for life 

 How deep into the financial abyss I am!! However I see a huge light up above…I will continue to work on my goal… for I feel the presence of a freedom of not having enough coming our way ! My epitaph will be fight till you can’t fight anymore….I seek wealth not for the love of it but for the love of freedom of financial oppression!!! For our hearts will give the real definition of who we are in loved with most. my asking is never ending and my love to live is eternity with you …My beautiful wife  you are my motor that gives me the reason to move forward, your the strength that I need to feel…. So my positives vibes can illuminate me into a a higher dimension of life with you and our family. I love u Jessica and our future will always have sunshine no matter what is in the way. For love will be our weapon against all evil and we will live life untouched….

Love Tyrone Garcia  

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