Money or not 

The world of money has always been the burden of us all!! We work everyday expecting to get better and we just fall deeper into debt. The ego and the superego has a lot  in common  it just continues to grow as we watch this great country of ours grow along with it. However there is a small problem!! We the people are so far back that we are constantly trying to catch up all the time.  We also want to grow but we are at the mercy Of the big  money rollers who control pricing… Rent is over price, food , gas, housing. Clothes everything and our salaries continue to dwindle… How else will we grow if we can keep up with the joneses. Who knows !! but our problem in America isn’t an immigration problem is an overpriced problem. So Mr trump get your notes right for you yourself even know that money moves money and talk moves nothing but more talk…..

By Tyrone Garcia 

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