stay in Sunday 

 It’s beautiful Sunday morning all you hear is the sound of nature. ..I like to share something that came to my mind last night while hearing some inspirational music. We all have obstacles in our lives that makes our days feel like we are on our own. We go to church pray, sing and rejuvenate our spirits, but several days pass and still no end of the hardship in sight. The trick is our thought pattern! we are just so stuck on the problems that you give it to God on Sunday and take it back on Monday. Life must be lived in faith even when the dragon is blowing fire on you and you see no help in sight. Our anger and hate comes back than God is chased away for God cannot work with a angry, resentful spirit. Some times it takes time ,but even when the time is passing for some reason your still surviving. So my friends let go and allow the powers of the universe to give you your wish all that is needed from you is stay faithful and stop taking back away from God!! make your Sunday everyday and you will see amazing things happen 

Have a nice day 

Tyrone Garcia 

My book ” The Text” is available on Amazon e book 

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