Follow your heart 

When I look back at my life I see many obstacles that tried to stop me from doing the the things that make me happy. I thank God I always followed my intuition. People sometimes think they know what’s good for you,but for me that is the most selfish action anyone can take. Whenever you rain in someone’s paraded you kill someone’s hope..We all have our journeys and sometimes people want to think your out off your mind for the decisions you make. Well it’s like this !! Our focus should always be on ourselves and never on nobody else, what may be a good decision for you may not be a good one for another ,but we all have different walks also.. So walk your walk follow your heart for at the end only you will be the one impacted on your decisions not the naysayers…we win some and we lose some, but at the end…life is only an education and our happiness will only come if we follow the journey complacency, fear, or being carful will only make you miserable..

By Tyrone Garcia 

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