My playground

This use to be my hangout my childhood place where I lived and learned everything I know. This is where I learned how to make mistakes. This is how I learned how to love and hate. The balance of life can be overwhelming to me. For I was a confused man walking the earth. Some told me it was ok to be bad some told me it wasn’t!! In the course of that most dreadful dilemma of thought  of mine I did come across many people I would love and learn to understand and grow with. Today it’s all a memory I only remember the times of my childhood days in Bronx river and at St Helena’s school… From the ghetto to middle class and form middle class back to the ghetto!! Ah I see I had a balance in both sides of the fence, funny i was! For I would fall like an overload of powerless morals into the abyss of imbalanced hell. I would run like a convict trying to escape a life that had me enslaved not physically but mentally. But in the end I say goodbye to yesterday and say hello to today and I only feel free and happy for the sun has shined and I will never see the darkness which shaded me with terrible times. I do have to say this I do miss my playground the best times in my life came when I was just getting started as a young lad innocent to the worlds fear and in love with life for we were all pure love before we became pure hate…

Have a great evening.

Tyrone Garcia.

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