Pain is good

How the tides have changed one minute you have a plan, then everything changes and you feel alone… than puff !!your not alone anymore. The world starts to make sense again. I always tell people that bad times are temporary its just an education preparing you for the new door opening. For me 2015 went from my jaw dropping to preparing to go out west and start a new life and career. I think my next book should be called ” friend request” lol when you accept life the way it comes at you things work better. It may hurt and have you feeling down but i can assure you something great is coming. In the book Tiny Buddha”” it says that pain is the touchstone of growth without pain and suffering we cant get to the next level. I agree with that 1 trillion percent… I hold no resentments in life for everything that happened to me was needed for my growth. I thank the the people for teaching me and preparing me for this great door that opened for on Feb 19,2015 ..My message for those who are in despair, worry, discontent, follow the flow of the river and never fight the currents for God has implanted in you a life that if followed will take you to heights you could never dream of having, even if your lost someone you love, because they wanted to move on. Don’t worry another will show that will illuminate you better..
Tyrone Garcia …love to the world…

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