A hard word for those who need it.

Trying to find your place in this world can be upsetting for many of us. As we grow and learn much more about who we are and what is our mission in life, we stumble with those who will not keep the focus on them. Why is it when a person tries to be who they are another is there passing sarcasm and mean words at you trying to intercept your glory from growing in the right direction….Yes I said it people don’t want to see change!!!  so instead of promoting spiritual growth they promote spiritual hangovers. When we take a look at ourselves and see how screwed up we are our knowledge and reality should pinpoint us into learning about self and forgetting about taking the inventory of others. Why is it that a naked body on a post creates attention, but strong words of encouragement get a bland look? Not always but usually it does. Our minds have been clouded with material and our frontal lobes which is a little seed in the front of your head that gives you thoughts and knowledge are off to the left..,  you been had !! For you have not taking heed to the real message in the material you desperately seek!!  We cheat, lie, and destroy lives, with our envy and selfish thoughts. Than this same pattern creates cancer for those who been fooled and want to take out on someone else what was done to them and get pay-back… Ha… this is what I call the merry-go-round of unrealistic- brutal -to -self thinking!! So wake up you fools and take a look at yourself for it was you that created the hell you live in and no one else….get out the pen and paper and start writing about U not your friend…

By Tyrone Garcia.

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