Freedom from self

Everybody wants to be free but how many are going to work for it? I know I want to be free!! Free from the bondage of self. What does that mean? It means freedom from the negative part of your mind that keeps you in the struggles that you don’t need in your life. We all want to rule the world around us, but we can’t so maybe we should rule our inner self and forget about the world around us. We all have the power to have the lives we want the problem is when our negative self starts to put their two cents in we mess it up and wind up in trouble. It’s like the alcoholic who continues to drink thinking he/she will have success, but his conclusion to his drinking battle is always the same! defeated. The mind can be resilient, but it also can become compulsive which means out of control. We must look at everything in our lives and be careful how we handle it for many things are here for the long haul not a quick short one. We must share happiness, love, and compassion to all no matter what they do to you. For its how you carry yourself is how you will be judged. So wake up and feel the goodness within and don’t allow that bad part of you win by making the bad decision that keep you in turmoil…It’s a wonderful life so enjoy it and stop trying to be something your not!! be who God made you to be not what the darkness wants you to be or you will be like this empty bench all alone with nothing… Enjoy the ride because in the end you will see it was only a journey!!!!
By Tyrone Garcia.

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