Pain is the touchstone of success. We live our lives always becoming attached to certain things only to find out (as we knew already) somethings don’t last forever. Letting go is where we learn our greatest lesson. The thinking of going back and forth breath in breath out mode in order to just let go and move on.People always think pain from mistakes is a bad thing, but pain from our decisions isn‘t so bad… How can we learn if we don’t make mistakes? The suffering we go through is our biggest teacher, and to cry is our greatest healer.We all go through these problems in life and its not because your a fool or easy to be taken advantage of. its because we all all journeymen and women willing to take chances with our lives so we can see for ourselves the truth about the curiosity we have about certain situations. The key is to always go to the next step and never stop placing one foot in front of the other for one day you will reach your goal..
By Tyrone Garcia

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