Intuition can be good to follow, but on the other hand it can be terrible also. We sometimes believe that what we feel we should follow even though we are hurting constantly. To fight for something you want even when it doesn’t want you can be a battle of the emotions. You go back and forth trying to make sense of it, but in the end you always lose. Life was made to enjoy not chasing pain. We all know  what’s for us is for us and without fighting just being yourself and following life on life’s terms it will fall right on your Lap. I remember a man once who tried so hard to land women he wanted so bad. He tried everything, but the women wouldn’t budge from her decision. One day the man just gave up and decided to just move on. Within a week he was shopping at a store and a lady dropped ten dollars. He picked it up and ran to her to give her money. The women said thank you and offered to have coffee with the man as a reward for his honesty. They did and he found his true love without even looking. They married several years later and lived happily ever after. In life one does not need to beg no one for our wants and needs are already registered with the universe. What yours is yours and nothing will stop it just go with the flow of life and everything you wish for will come faster when you don’t try to make it happen yourself…..

By Tyrone Garcia….

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