Personality falsehood…

The stars at night are always beautiful to watch while enjoining a great cigar or just sitting and looking. When you open up to the universe you become real about your dreams and wishes, nobody else is there to judge you so you can just let it out. One of the problems we have today in society is we live with a fake personality we work more to be accepted than to be appreciated for who you are. I told a friend tonight I rather be lonely and real than to be fake and miserable. Some of us will have to travel far to find others who are the same. However I do believe that we all have our own thoughts of how we want o live our lives, but we are afraid of how we will be judged. For peer treasure is just not an adolescent problem, it can be a life long problem if we don’t start to feel free to be who we are. Live life to the fullest ,but live life free of personality falsehood.
By Tyrone Garcia

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