A blast from the past

All alone listening to music of the past wondering where the years went.I remember it was like yesterday I was playing baseball in the park with my friends and at 6 pm prompt we saw our dads coming home from work and we knew that is was dinner time. Our moms at home where they did there best work raising the kids. Men were men they took care of everything today men depend on their wives and sometimes not even care.No man never came between my mom and dad and in their worse times there prayers where answered and a friend or family member helped. Those where the morals I was brought up to believe our job as a man was suppose to be.Yes there where bad dads back then and yes there was adultery, But nothing like we have today!!!! with all I have seen in this new time we call the 21st century the morals of man have died along with the 20th century and our only hope is how we raise our children……However I say we are all victims of society we live as the times come and try to play the cards that are dealt to us..But remember never to play the card twice because it will eventually not get you a win.TG

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