The river of life


sometimes I believe the road to success can be like flowing through the river of life. It just keeps going and going. In that ride you reach many goals but continue to ride, for the trip is long and there are many miles to go before you reach your highest goal. Peace, love and happiness. The reason for the long ride is for many miles we detour and find ourselves lost by fooling ourselves into a road we feel can get us to the promise land a little quicker. We than become a fool falling into lies and dishonesty. In that course God walks away and takes all his powers and leaves you in the wilderness of agony and after you been through enough pain and you humbly find yourself flowing in the river in the right direction, God comes back with his powers and gives you relief of your pain. So don’t detour and and stay on course so you can stay away from the terrible waves of life.

By Tyrone Garcia



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