What a day it has been. We talked about idiots, nuts, and even titles for a show. How nice it was to mingle with others and spend some quality time. However my education for tonight is intuition.How many of us don’t listen to the voices that are trying to guide us through daily life. There not actually voices but our 6 sense!  that gut feeling that lights up in your head giving you ideas and answers. I paid dearly for it tonight. While in  my Biology lab class tonight we were given a small quiz and there were three questions that puzzled me, I had the right answer,but  my over-thinking had me change them to the wrong one. After the quiz the Professor went over the quiz to give the right answers and there I found out. How many times has this happened to me? lots I can say that i’m still weak when trusting my intuition. How about you how many times this has happen to you? Intuition is a natural feeling we get and gives us the okay to go on with our actions. Our negative vibes always arrive when intuition is working. We try to take control over something more powerful than us. We pray so much for help and become frustrated when the help don’t come. Maybe God is given us the answer, but like always we ask God for guidance than we take over and mess it up. Letting go and letting God or whoever you praise has always been the dilemma in the human mind. We pray. pray, pray, and take it back as soon as we get off our knees. I believe if we allowed to follow the spiritual way of making decisions we can be more successful.Trust your intuition and you will see things work out better. Its not going to be 100% but you sure will be close.

By Tyrone Garcia

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