Good times are coming

It has been a great day indeed it has. My week is starting out with a blast. My daughter has been accepted to law school and I brought up my grade a notch. I saw a place that I would love for it to be my next restaurant and I spoke with some people and received some interesting news about the area where I want to start my new place. I now leave it in God’s hands and keep an eye open for the signs. For when the Universe tells you to move you have to move without hesitation. Life sometimes is crazy when you think the chips are down you must keep going. For the last 5 years I have been miserable since selling the old place and losing almost everything, but instead of feeling sorry for myself i did something about it. I enrolled in school and found a job managing a big retail store. I wrote a book of all my failures and successes and met new friends. I also learned how to manage better and learned and accepted my mistakes. Money ah yes!  where is it coming from? Well I will let the universe worry about that: for what is mine is mine and nothing can change that. I can say that many terrible things have happen to me and my family, but neither one of us has ever stopped growing. We have more success in our down time than when things have gone well. When everything is down in your life it’s when you can be more effective with your journey. Never flinch and stay going forward, because all life has detours that we must take and in those detours is where we find patience. “Patience is virtue” once you have developed patience in decision making success is imminent and all your ideas start to make you look like a genius. I still have a ways to go, but I do know one thing: happy times are coming.

May your dream come alive in 2014?

By  Tyrone Garcia.

You can purchase my book by going to ” Soap that doesn’t clean”,



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