Your words is all you need to find happiness.

When one forgets the problems and enjoys life as it is, the problems fade and the good times roll.  .It’s so easy to worry  about your bills, Jobs, family, and every obstacle we face in daily life. But there comes a time when you just have to say the positive words and go with it. I believe in the law of attraction. Our thoughts create our lives.What we think is what we are processing within ourselves. We pollute our minds only with terrible outcomes and never good ones.  Reality can be a dangerous word when one is struggling with life. Fantasy and using the imagination to create in your mind what you want is our only salvation from hours, days, and months of despair and confusion.I remember when I was working at Hostos community college in New York back in 1988.  I was cleaning an office and on the wall there were posters of several European countries.I looked at them and paused. The countries were Spain, Italy, and France, I said without even thinking of my financial reality, ” I’m going to visit those countries one day” The secretary  who was in the office looked at me like I was crazy, given that I was a janitor and only people with money can afford those types of vacations…  I believed in my words and left it at that. In December of that year I started a new job.  The job was a merchant marine.job a sailor working on cargo ships, and oil tankers. My first ship was called the Sirius. I would fly to Alicante  Spain to join the vessel. My words had become a reality and I was only fantasizing. I later traveled to Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Saudi Arabria. Tunis,United Arab Emirates , Dubai,  England. Algiers, Crete, Egypt, and cypress and made good money also.It didn’t cost me a dime, just some strong faithful words. The universe controls not money or people and what we ask for if we mean it, we will receive. As I sit here with no job i feel very positive that something great is coming and my past is my proof.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia;  Author of the book  “:Soap That doesn’t clean” available at or E-book or any online book sales. 

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