The road never ends

Life never guarantees that it will be roses; we just hope it is.   We try to do our best but sometimes our best isn’t good enough.  But life continues and the road is long for there are many more stories ahead for us to learn. For our final book of life will be written. It will have all our past stories and in that others will learn, so their walk of life can lead to more success instead of misery. I guess that is what they call wisdom!! all us older folks have it. We see our faults and problems but continue to fall into them because of our curiosity to see if it works out. Are the consequences worth it though? I know for many years before I got remarried I tried to change someone and nearly got drunk all over again doing it. Some peoples nature is to be just how there are and there’s nothing you can do but live and let live. We do more harm trying to teach instead of just accepting and learning who people are. However you have the right to feel good and never feel offended for than you are depriving yourself of your own freedom to be happy. We make many mistakes that in the end we feel like fools but the only fool is the one who repeats their actions again in the same format. We lose the battle and move on to the next and that is what you call victory. For a battle with life that doesn’t change is nothing but an ongoing battle with misery and no sunshine in sight. The Civil war lasted a while but many died on the battlefield for something that could off been compromised. We humans suffer from the defect of character called curiosity and denial.  We see the whole picture ahead but still want to find out if we can win. How many more will fall to this ungrateful law of ignorant man and now women who are equal and entitled to the same agony, despair, and sorrow man has. I guess life goes on and hopefully we will all learn before its to late.

May your dream come alive in 2014

By Tyrone Garcia:  Author of the book

“ Soap That doesn’t Clean”  available at e-book and any online book sales site. 

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