The Righteous man.

What is it in life when you are dealing with hypocrites who just want to drain you from your dignity? Why do people feel that turning people on each other is the best course of action to take when trying to figure out a problem? I see many things happening that tell me I’m in the wrong place. I want to move on but I need more time to figure it out. It brings me to a story.

There was once a man who was trying to save the world from itself. He tried to be good and help people overcome their misery he did! He helps the sick and the poor and turned despair into hope. He spends all his time trying to pass a message that will bring love, harmony, and prosperity to all the land. For many years he walked and created lots of hope throughout the land he walked. His positive impact on the people created panic to the Government of the land, so they started to keep an eye on him. They started to worry for they felt this man was starting to take over the minds of the people with his passionate words of love and happiness. One day they had one of his own followers turn against him and had him arrested. They beat him and ridiculed him but they couldn’t break him. He stood on solid ground and didn’t budge, never going back on his word. They went to the crowd and the crowd yelled out “kill him”. People who were his friends turned their back on him out of fear what the Government would do to them; for the corrupt group of self righteous politicians already had made up their mind that he would have to die. While being tortured to death he stood firm on his word and died. The government of cowards got their wish and the man never fought to stay alive for he believed in his words and in his kingdom so fear wasn’t an option only strong solid faith was. Today we are here over 2000 years still talking about him and trying to follow his righteousness. This man was one of the greatest messengers of life sent by the almighty.  Many more have come and have felt the same resistance. For the righteous man will suffer but will be rewarded paradise. We all have a little good in us but we struggle because evil lurks and makes life difficult. But if we stand firm on our word and not give in to fear: our gifts will come and we will be satisfied and paradise will be rewarded.

May your dream come alive in 2013

By Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “ Soap That doesn’t Clean”

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