Are we heading towards financial trouble?

Are we heading towards a revolution in this country? There are lots of people preparing for the worse buying guns, buying can foods water, and moving away from the cities. More and more people are facing financial hardship and the government is letting it happen. These payday loans which are easy to get are nothing but the rich burying the people more and more into debt, making everything hard to pay off. Do we have any Gold backing up our currency? No we don’t, we are just printing up money just like people who are writing checks with no funds. I believe that we should save our money and not spend anymore on unnecessary purchases. However it was bound to happen capitalism is so out of control that we are knocking ourselves right out of the game.  In the 15th 16th 17th 18th century settlers from Europe came over to the western hemisphere taking over and changing things up, using religion as their biggest weapon and fooling the people, when the greed for coffee, gold, and maze was the real glory they were seeking.  The killings of Indians and the enslavement of the Black man would become they way of life in America. The ships sailing from Africa to the North and South America and the Caribbean, full of slaves so they the European can build their empire. But some of the Europeans saw the beginning of what they just left in Europe rich, poor, and false religion. In our elections in the 1900 there was actually people voting for communism, socialism, along with democrat, and republican. For people always knew that man has to have rules in order the live fair in this world. Today people are struggling to make ends meet. The middle class is no longer taking annual trips to Disney its every two or three years or a loan if you want to go every year and then more debt. The new car, the college fund, the nice house is all gone it’s time to scramble for dollars, dollars that are worthless. There places in America today that won’t take money anymore only gold. I say this though!! I believe in God and as long as I believe in God I will never need anything but faith. For we have no control over the people only our faith and as long as you have faith in God the evil will lose and “the Meek Will inherit  the earth” the Bible, 

May your dream come alive in 2013.

Tyrone Garcia Author of the book  “ Soap That Doesn’t Clean”             


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