Work, Work, Work, But still struggling

Paycheck to paycheck but what do we do in-between? The surprises that show up the ones we overlooked and didn’t pay, because we have so much to pay!! Where is America going with this? We continue to work, work, work, and pay, pay, and pay. Where does it end on a street corner asking for money to eat? Friends are always saying they can’t help because they are going through financial hardship also. Have we fallen in the whirlpool of debt?  every time we feel that we are out we fall deeper into it.  You go to work and put up with crap only to come home and see your work is not paying enough for Baby sitting, gas is outrageous, rent is ridiculous, and let’s not forget insurance and a car payment. Cable TV, cost money to see plus a good TV cost to. I live pretty comfortable but I can guarantee if I make one mistake like take a vacation and overspend to have some more fun I’m screwed for at least 9 months. So what can we do about it?  Nothing, because capitalism has turned us all into slaves, Capitalism is great if you are in business making lots of money, but how about the family who don’t have money for a business and expect society or government to make it good for all people. Maybe when the American people can’t spend no more money the people overseas who work for American companies that have taken our jobs because American companies are trying to find cheap labor can maybe come over here and shop and pay rent.  For we most likely may be living in caves, it’s a big joke when you really look at the whole picture. In order for capitalism to work effectively the wealth has to be shared with the circle of life. Paying better salaries and being more reasonable with goods and housing and less taxes so those resources don’t have to be so high on the low paid people. Sometime the rich is taxed so high they take it out on the workers and the government doesn’t do anything so the little guys pays. Its like forcing companies to give healthcare what do they do lower peoples hours and more part time workers so they don’t have to pay the benefits. The hard working man and women never wins. Right know things are just not going to well here in the states and hopefully someone in government will do something about it before we are all in the poor house.  Lottery anyone!!!

May your dream come alive in2013

By Tyrone Garcia  Author of the book  “ Soap that doesn’t clean”

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