Looking into the abyss

I once was a lost soul walking the streets. I tripped over myself and saw that I was walking into the abyss. I said “hey what‘s this” I must have walked the wrong way!! I took another step and continue into the abyss. I said this needs to stop which way shall I walk?  I took another step in still saw myself walking into the abyss. “Wow what wrong with me? I fought and fought without a break to think of my short comings. I looked out a window and wanted to jump right into the abyss I would go and found myself in limbo. I ask God “why didn’t you save me’ I always did what’s right for the world? God said “yes you did” but you forgot to do something? I said what was that?  “You forgot to allow me to walk you through life” you did everything you wanted, but never ask me if it’s what I wanted for you to do. Then I ask can I try again under your guidance? He said we already started.

May your dream come alive in 2013.

By Tyrone Garcia: Author of the book  “Soap That doesn’t clean”


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