Step hard on Intimadation

What causes another person to be hard on someone because they have more power?

Envy, low self esteem, insecurity, its all of the above, one of the problems in the world is that people enjoy watching other people struggle. It sounds cruel, but wasn’t North and south Central America built that way?  It first started with the Spanish inquisition, then the massacre of Native Americans, the Europeans swept through this part of the world killing, and enslaving everything it can. Mental enslavement through force of power is the way of our land. People feel by making someone struggle into defeat is the only way to show them whose boss. Did it work? No it didn’t.   People are strong and they will continue to fight until they win while others will give up and become scouts for the evil empire. WEB Du Bois once said “You can put me in chains but you cannot enslave my thinking” People who struggle always find a way to break off the chains of slavery whether from their boss or just bad character defects. The mind when it starts to create can overcome anything it wants in life. I have witness myself overcome many obstacles and I continue to beat them whenever they occur. For the first 8 years of my school life I dealt with racism almost every day, but fought my way towards a graduation from that school. It wasn’t easy but I did it. Now I’m dealing with someone not prejudice but constantly being a pain in my rear. I’m looking at this as a challenge not a bad omen. My only goal is not to let them beat me to where I want to go. I remember when I opened the restaurant a person walked in and told me that Puerto Rican Restaurants don’t last too long in Virginia. I had been open two weeks. I lasted 10 years and the restaurant is still going strong 13 years later under new management.  I took that more as motivation than a letdown, but what was hard to understand is that she was Puerto Rican. There is nothing impossible. Everything is doable if you try hard and don’t allow anybody to intimidate you.  I will continue on my road to success and will step on intimidation like I  step on a bug and squash it.

May your dream come alive in 2013 🙂

By Tyrone Garcia   You can purchase my book on this link

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