Let it Go!

When does one start to think about their future?  When does one say ” enough is enough”; things need to change?  I guess when you are sick and tired of the same results. Life can become insane if you don’t know when to let go. I know, I held on for many years a restaurant I should have gotten rid several years before I sold it. I remember when I was doing pretty good I was offered some good money for the place and didn’t take it: only to sell it for allot less 2 years later and almost lost all my money with it. We become so attached to materialism that it starts to controls us to where we can’t make any good decisions. We should never die with something because we love it so much, we should always live to fight another day. Letting go is one of the hardest things to do in life, because we can’t accept the fact that we cant live without it. But how about the misery that it’s putting you through, is it worth it?  We fight and fight losing almost everything in order to keep our misery. How crazy is that? I leave you with this, what’s more important grief or happiness which would you fight for?  Believe me not some will die trying to keep their misery some will say I’m done. It’s not negative to quit something that’s not working. It’s smart! and when you learn to let go when overwhelmed with a problem that just don’t go away, you will find yourself sleeping better at night and feeling more relaxed,  relieved of the daily problem that never brought anything,but despair.

By Tyrone Garcia: you can purchase my book “Soap That doesn’t Clean” on the link below.


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