Time Flies.

Life can fly by pretty quick if you’re not careful. We go all through life waiting for a certain date, but what we really are doing is making time go fast and not enjoying the current moment. The funny thing is how many times we set up a vacation and we are rushing for that day to hurry up and get here. It gets here and the vacation goes by so fast before you know it you’re on your way back to work with another quick memory of a past happiness. One thing I never get is why people always have to rub in their vacations on others who never have been; other than a park of local attraction. I find it kind of selfish. People sometimes feel awful when they hear  of others going places they can only dream of going. Yeh we can all say “well that’s not my fault” but maybe a little compassion for those who cannot go. I myself have traveled to many parts of the world and so it doesn’t bother me at all. However I have seen the long faces on those who say “Boy I would love to take my Kids there “ It’s a shame that in today’s world where there is so much to give there are people not making enough to even go to a restaurant neither a Disney world vacation.  Everyone should have a great vacation Franklin D. Roosevelt said every American has the right to a good vacation, a good paying job, a nice home, and medical benefits for all. That was in the 1940s. Here we are today and people are sharing apartments in order to afford the rent. The country and world has gone backwards maybe capitalism is just another world for legal slavery. We are! We get paid and fill envelops with checks, leaving us with enough to buy nothing. Why even work? How about one week everybody just stay home and tell the ones who pay’s the salaries to go to work and do it themselves. Let’s see how far they get! they probably won’t make it to lunch time before collapsing. Time flies because we find ourselves waiting for payday more than anything else. “Hurry up Friday I’m running out of money” Money problems have made payday not so much fun anymore. That feeling of going out with your friends and forgetting about everything is over. But what can we do? Try to get better so we can make more money in order to survive. So stop rushing!  the results will be the same, years flying by and the grey is starting to come out on you. Enjoy your daily lives and forget the future, for today is all we have and tomorrow isn’t promised.

May your dream come alive in 2013. :0)

By Tyrone Garcia: Author of the book “Soap That doesn’t Clean”


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